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With Price Renovation LLC, you can expect to work with exceptional remodeling contractors! Your property can look perfect and have all damage from fire, water, and mold removed easily – if you live in and around Tinley Park, IL – we’re the answer to your problems!

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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Ask about our kitchen and bathroom renovation and do it as quickly as you can! If you have a plan in your head and want it realized as soon as possible - get us on the phone and hire our services! We'll make any bathroom or kitchen gorgeous!
Kitchen and Bathroom Design Services

Kitchen and Bathroom Design Services

If you're unsure how to organize and furnish your kitchen or bathroom - we can help! We have a keen eye and know which designs work best in which areas depending on size and style. Let us create an exceptional design for either space!
Basement Design Services

Basement Design Services

A basement can have many uses, and it can be mind-blowing to decide where to put everything and what would look best. That's why you can rely on our design services - well, work out a plan for your basement that will leave you smiling!
Fire and Water Recovery

Fire and Water Recovery

Fire and water are dangerous elements for a home - they can be damaging! Sometimes, it can take quite some time to get over the destruction. You may need our professional assessment and recovery service to get everything back to the way it was!
Mold Recovery

Mold Recovery

Mold is never a good thing - it causes damage if left unchecked. When you see that damage, you can call us to come and recover everything for you! We'll remove the mold and ensure everything it has touched is back in perfect condition!
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Kitchen Design Services
  • Bathroom Design Services
  • Basement Design Services
  • Fire Recovery Services
  • Water Recovery Services
  • Mold Recovery Services
Customers Speak

by Raymond Lang on Price Renovation LLC
Exceptional Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation!

What brilliant kitchen and bathroom renovation! I was so impressed with the work these guys did for my home, and I can honestly say I have never loved my kitchen and bathroom more! None of the details were missed, and every one of them was made exceptional - I was glad to have hired them!

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Getting Everything Done Is Easy

You don’t need to call in to work and tell them you won’t be going for a few days or the whole week. And it’s unnecessary to spring forth all the energy you can muster up to complete one project or another around the home. It’s enough to locate your phone and get on the Internet. From there, things get a whole lot easier. Search for exceptional home addition contractors or general remodelers in the area and relay everything you want!


Get Help From Professionals 

Getting help from professionals has never been easier! We’re right here, ready to take on your projects! We want to remove any damage that water, fire, or mold may have caused. We also want to help you with various room designs and get started on the renovations. It’s a complete package of services, and we couldn’t be happier about offering every one of them to you! Contact a team that cares! Contact a team that will prioritize your home and works on nothing else until every detail is impeccable!

More Areas We Serve

We want more customers to have our services available to them, and there is one reason for this desire. We’re exceptional in our work – we’ve made it so over the years. That’s why we want to offer everything to as many people as possible so they can walk inside their homes and marvel at the beauty, stability, and perfection all around them! Don’t hesitate to work with the best – if your home is in any of these areas, hurry and call the perfect renovation contractor!

  • Orland Hills Village, IL
  • Matteson Village, IL
  • Frankfort Village, IL
  • Alsip Village, IL
  • Palos Hills, IL

Call Price Renovation LLC
and receive incredible residential renovation for your home! If you live in and around the Tinley Park, IL area and want to try and get perfection for every detail for one – work with us! We specialize in all areas to make your home perfect – remodeling, renovations, recovery from fire, water, and mold damage – we want to show you our excellence! Get us to do all the work, and don’t wonder whether everything will be perfect – it will be!